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Are You Ready for a Meatwave?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

See what we did there...catchy title and all? Geez, we crack ourselves up..

But seriously - we continue our roll call of BBQ competitors for

the 2022 Bull City BBQ Bash with our next team called -

The Meatwave is helmed by Josh Bousel and got its humble beginnings as he and his friends gathered around a dollar store grill in celebration of moving to a place in New York City with outdoor space - a rarity and a bonus!

He immediately found a love for cooking with a live fire and started hosting cookouts every other weekend in the summer, which was dubbed "The Meatwave."

After a few years of doing this, Josh began to write a recipe blog about his cooking experiences, which led to a position that he kept for 10 years - as the primary grilling and barbecue writer at Serious Eats.

In 2012, he decided that The Meatwave was ready for its next adventure, successfully raising funds to start up a competition team, and competed in a number of events in the New York area.

In talking about joining the BCBB BBQ Compeition, Josh said, "My competition endeavours got put on hold after I decided to relocate to Durham in 2015 and I'm so excited for The Bull City BBQ Bash to be my first time back to a competition since then!"

pssst...want the chance to meet Josh and hear about his smoking adventures live? Register here for info on an exciting BCBB VIP Experience!

We are excited to see Josh's competitive grit at the competition as well!

You can follow him at the following sites, and of course - at the Bull City BBQ Bash socials and here at the BASH Blog.


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