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Follow your BBQ Convictions

The next BBQ competitor at the 2021 Bull City BBQ Bash has been doing just that - following his food convictions! - for over 35 years, and will be bringing the heat, the smoke and everything else to this year's competition!

Randy Grosskopf is the Pit-Boss of the Conviction BBQ Team from Creedmoor NC, and is a returning BCBB competitor.

He is a retired Food Service Specialist, former Marine and has worked in the food industry for over 35 year as a cook, a Supervisor and a Manager.

So why BBQ? In Randy's words, "I have always loved experimenting with different foods and recipes until a day a few years ago when I purchased my first smoker and I was hooked. I entered Competition BBQ right after retirement with the extra time on my hands. I built my two Pit Barrel Smokers, studied, tweaked, asked questions and jumped into Backyard BBQ with both feet."

He really loves and appreciates the fellowship of the folks involved in the sport of BBQ competition.

"Everyone is helpful, fun and I can say I've never asked a BBQ question and not got some feedback from anyone. I believe we are interested in advancing the sport and by helping folks is the best way to be."

You can follow Randy and his Conviction BBQ team adventures on Facebook - and you'll definitely want to come out and meet him at the BCBB VIP Experience! Limited amount of slots will be available - sign up here today!

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