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Get Under the Tent!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

It takes a village, a community...and a lot of planning, crafting, creative thinking and more, to produce an event like the 2022 Bull City Barbecue Bash. It also takes a great deal of teamwork and passion for small business, local community support, our attendees and our customer friends.

We've already posted about our Presenting Sponsor, Mike De Los Santos of Mike D's BBQ and now we'd like to introduce our Production/Event Planning Sponsor - The Traveling Tent!

The Traveling Tent is an online marketplace for finding handcrafted, artisan goods and makers, started by Leah Mancini (Lilu) of Leluna Star and Laura Kasperlik (Lulu) of Pretty Clever Words in 2020 to support their maker friends during a very tough time. Events were cancelled and the uncertainty of those days lead to the creation of the Traveling Tent, to provide support and a marketplace for promotion of fellow vendors.

Lilu and Lulu met at a small, local popup event around 6 years ago and the two makers quickly became friends and partners, continuing their business partnership to this day. In the small business community, having partners to work with is invaluable - the exchange of ideas and supplies, the development of info on websites and live events, and (sometimes daily!) consistent communication has enabled them to create a strong network in the local small business community.

Within that community, Mike, Lilu and Lulu also met approximately 6 years ago, while participating in a local popup market. The three of them generally agree that Mike was extremely lucky to be situated between Lilu and Lulu, and that he was talked into being a part of their newly-formed, maker / friend / business partner/ full of shenanigans trio!

The 'traveling tent' concept was originally created to signal where they all met, doing the grind of making, packing, setting up at events, interacting with each other and customers - and then folding up the tent and getting to the next event.

The local Triangle pop up event space is crowded and full of supportive organizers and makers whose motto is - when one of us is successful, we all succeed. As 'traveling tenters,' this unlikely-but close-trio has become family, and a key passion for all of them is to support fellow small business owners.

You can support small business and big dreams by coming out to the 2022 Bull City BBQ Bash on September 3, 2022 - join the shenanigans!

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