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They May be Chill but They know how to Grill

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

The Chillin-N-Grillin team returns to the Bull City BBQ Bash for 2022, after being a part of the inaugural competition last year, where they took a 3rd place award for their ribs!

The husband and wife team of Brian and Amy Brown has been competing since 2015 - Brian says that he is the Pit Boss and Amy is the Boss!

For those who may wonder about smoking as a family activity, here is what else Brian has to say about BBQ. "Why do we do it? We like smoked meats, and love trying new rub/sauce combinations. We also enjoy the company and fellowship of others who like doing the same thing."

They do all of their smoking on UDS or Ugly Drum Smokers, and you can find them and more UDS info here on FB.

Looking forward to meeting Amy and Brian and talking about rolling smoke?

Get the details on all of our competitors here, and see you in September!

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