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Vicious AND Delicious!

Well, why can't BBQ be both?! The Vicious Pig BBQ Competition team will answer this question and more, as one of our toughest, most experienced competitors in the 2022 Bull City BBQ Bash!

Vicious Pig's leader Robert "Bobby' Brinson is a full-time firefighter in Fayetteville, NC, with a full-time passion for competition BBQ. In addition to his firefighter role, Bobby owns and runs the 'Pig Rig' - a Vicious Pig food truck operating around Fayetteville NC.

Whether competing with his brother Corey as part of the Fatback's BBQ and Ribshack team on the BBQ Pitmasters reality show, or leading his Vicious Pig team to Grand Champion wins two years in a row at the Southern BBQ Network's Hot Pursuit BBQ Cook Off - Bobby is passionate about bringing high-quality BBQ to like-minded enthusiasts.

He and his teams have earned numerous awards over the last 10 years - too many to list here - and we are looking forward to seeing what they do at the BCBB competition - Sooooie!

Follow the Vicious Pig team here for their food truck schedule and BBQ competition adventures.

You can meet the Vicious Pig team by participating in the BCBB VIP Experience!

Register here for more information about this exclusive opportunity!

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