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Welcome to our Bull City BBQ BASH Blog!

If you've found us here, then you already know about the Bull City BBQ Bash, scheduled for September 3, 2022 in East Durham. You can find all of the information about our event on our front page, where our menu can direct you to just the right place for more details!

And you probably know Michael De Los Santos, our event founder / CEO / general boss. He's the owner of Mike D's BBQ and Mike D's BBQ Supply and General Store, and he has a huge following...mostly because of his products (bbq sauces and spices), and his store, and his presence at BBQ competitions (so many awards!) and local markets in the Triangle.

He also won the docu-series "I Quit" on the Discovery Channel!

Mike has a big presence in the NC BBQ scene, a big following and most importantly - a big heart. Besides his own business and his family, he continues to focus on supporting local, small, minority- and female-owned businesses as well as a number of non-profit associations.

And then you probably ALSO know that our BBQ bash has a special performer - Paige King Johnson! She is a 3-time Carolina Country Music Award Winner and a native North Carolinian, now living and creating her music in Nashville.

If you've followed us at all, you probably / might / mostly know the above.

So this BASH Blog is for everything else!

We are going to post about it all:

So stay tuned, come back here often and sign up for a great 2022 Labor Day Weekend kickoff event!


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