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Where's the BEEF? At Baldwin's, of course!

Of course - Baldwin's, where the customer commitment is to deliver a uniquely remarkable lean beef that is grass-fed, all-natural, and tender, with mouthwatering flavor that you and your family can enjoy with REAL health benefits!

The Bull City BBQ Bash team is extremely happy to announce that Baldwin Beef has come onboard as our BBQ Competition Brisket Sponsor!

V. Mac Baldwin believes it takes faith to farm. His cattle graze on sweet grass and clover in a natural cycle through the seasons. He describes this annual orchestration of forage as his “grass ministry” and he carries a testament in his pocket each day.

As a child, V. Mac cut out photos of cattle from magazines. He bought his first calf for sixty dollars when he was ten years old and kept it watered and fed in the yard of his childhood home in Durham, North Carolina. While working with cattle seemed inevitable, selling beef was not.

“We got into this by accident,” Baldwin says, as he describes how he and his wife Peggy Baldwin spent 20 years raising Charolais breeding calves before transitioning to raising full weight cattle. He takes pride in the Charolais breed and the lean beef they produce

The Baldwin Beef mission is to produce chemical-free, all-natural, grass-fed lean beef with superior health benefits, quality and flavor, utilizing old-fashioned, sustainable techniques.

Simply put, "From our farm to your family."

Our BCBB BBQ Competitors will surely appreciate their high-quality brisket, just as we appreciate their support for local businesses and events!

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