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What is a BBQ Bash without the Sides?!

Seriously, this is an important question, especially when it comes to southern BBQ.

The sides are every part as crucial as the proteins...the creamy mac and cheese, the luscious collards, the tangy baked beans, the too-hot-to-handle hush puppies and the crunchy coleslaw, am i right?! Nothing supports the smoke of BBQ like the sides...

And what is the Bull City BBQ Bash without its sponsors? We've been posting since the start, about the emotional and financial support, the love for this community event and the fellowship provided by our sponsors, and we are so appreciative - our sponsors make the event happen!

Every level of sponsorship is meaningful, from the starters through the mains level - but the BQQ Sides Sponsors can really make our BCBB jump.

Sides matter!

We know there are so many supporters and friends of Mike D's BBQ out there - friends who may not be able attend on the day, but who still want to support Mike and the Bash. There are members of the Barbecue Nation, supporters who regularly use Mike D's rub and sauces who might have family plans already. Family in far-off places who cannot volunteer but still want to support.

If this is you, then becoming a Sides Sponsor is a perfect way to throw some love on the event!

Three of our current BBQ Sides Sponsors are very good friends to Mike D and Mike D's BBQ - Cottage Lane Kitchen, Leluna Star and Pretty Clever Words.

They've all worked together and side-by-side on events, on openings and in support of other vendors and customers, and understand the importance of every bit of help, big or small.

So it is very important to all three, that the BCBB get some additional Sides to make the day great for all of the competitors and customers, the sponsors and vendors, our live music performer and our DJ!

Put your sides on the table, peeps - click here, select the red box to become a Bash sponsor, select 'Mac and Cheese' or 'Hush Puppies' and add some love to our BBQ Bash!

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